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On Location:
Frank & Sandy Show
Costa Rica Film

By Frank Bellucci

We never thought we'd be carrying heavy camera rigs in the mountains of a Central American country trying to capture amazing film for documentaries. In March of 2014 we marched with absolute determination off trail in forests and ascended thousands of feet into the sky looking for more of the magic and mystery of a country that has intrigued us for years.

Over the past 5 or more years we have visited Costa Rica, we always came back frustrated with our inability to really portray the beauty, intrigue and simple magic this country and its people possess.   Back then, our camera equipment was only an iphone and our ability to write and deliver any kind of serious narrative was nonexistent.

So over the past year we worked to learn how to create real videos and high quality imagery.  We went to the wall trying to make it happen.

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